Do you represent a brewery looking to order a custom yeast batch for your next brew? We can propagate any amount of cells from 200L and up. Take a look at our extensive yeast library and email or call us with your details, we can also help you decide on the strain and cell count to truly optimize your fermentation and beer profile. If you already have a favorite strain you prefer we can also bank it for you free of charge and propagate to your desired pitch at any time. It typically takes between 7 and 10 days from order to delivery but we can work according to your schedule.

Pro-Brewers can order any strain from our yeast library. Contact us and we can customize cell count, pitch size or any other requirements you may have. We can custom blend any variety of yeast cells you desire, as well as provide pure or blended bacteria cultures for kettle and barrel sours. All orders are grown to custom specification with the highest cell count suited for your brew. If your wort will exceed 1.060 Specific Gravity, additional cells will be grown at a discounted cost to ensure you are pitching the correct amount of cells to get your fermentation done. Even though the fermentation is the most important part of making beer we believe that using liquid yeast should not be the most expensive part of your brewing. Please contact us for our pricing guide.

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