Liquid yeast and bacteria for home brewers and commercial brewers.

  • Growth nutrients for brewing and propagation
    • Dried Malt Extract
    • Dextrose
    • Yeast Nutrients
    • Fermentation booster mix
    • Ready mix starter kits

Lab Equipment

  • Haemocytometers
  • Agar plates and Slant
    • Potato Dextrose Agar
    • Yeast Malt Agar
    • W.L media
    • Wort Agar
    • Streptomycin addition to any of above if required
    • Gram Stain kits
    • Basic lab glassware
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Lab Service

In conjunction with University of the Free State, LiquidCulture offers world a world class selection of lab and brewing-related tests. Tests are conducted using the strictest standards employing accredited methods. Please contact us with your unique needs, we always find a way to get results.

LiquidCulture offers expert, affordable on-site consulting with:

  • Laboratory and brewery staff training
  • New product and/or fermentation protocol assistance
  • Contamination risk assessment and clean-up
  • Laboratory set-up, including custom protocol and standard operating procedure manuals
  • Yeast propagation on site
  • Proper yeast handling procedures:
      Contamination check of brewery and products
    • Full HPLC and Mass Spectrometer services
    • Culture isolations, and purification
    • Culture storage
    • Full microbial analysis of products
lab_services_offered_1 lab_services_offered_2 lab_services_offered_3